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4 things not to buy in 2015

The New Year is almost here, and that means it’s prime list season! Rampant online shopping, gimmicky items galore, and end-of-year doorbuster deals may have left you all but penniless last year. So while everyone is thinking ahead to how to save more and spend less next year, we’ve come up with a list of the top 4 things not to buy in 2015.

things not to buy

#1 Cable TV

Subscribers to cable providers are on the decline. Experts predict that cable providers will lose around one million customers every year. This is due of course to the continual addition of cheaper and higher-quality alternatives. In 2015 we can expect another influx of these alternatives while we watch cable prices rise.


# 2 Bottled water

Americans are addicted to plastic water bottles. In 2013 $12.3 billion was spent on these water bottles. Many people reason that water bottles are more sanitary than, say, tap water. However, 45% of bottled water brands use the same source of water supply that comes out of the tap. Not only is buying water bottles unnecessary, it’s also expensive and environmentally unsafe. Using a water filter is a much more green option, and a significantly less expensive one.


#3 Thumb drives

With the advent of cloud storage and programs like Google Docs, there’s no need to buy portable storage devices. The price of online storage is on the decline, and is much easier and faster than using physical devices. Thumb drives are small and can get lost in a purse or desk drawer, whereas cloud storage is virtually ubiquitous.


#4 Online dating services

The online dating industry is expected to earn $2.2 billion this year. Though many specialized dating sites for specific groups exist, the public sharing industry will be coming out with new products to match these narrow casted sites. Meetup is one of the current largest free public sharing sites, and they already have specialized groups such as hiking, soccer, yoga, book clubs, boardgames, single parents, singles adventures (many are even categorized by age group), family adventures, etc. Though not all of these are specific to dating, many people use Meetup and similar sites as a way to meet new friends, romantic partners, or just spend time with people who have similar interests. So why buy the milk when you can get the cow for free?

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