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Become an organizing pro

We have all heard of spring cleaning, but becoming familiar with summer organizing can benefit you in many ways. Not only will your house feel more open and clean, but you might be able to accumulate some extra spending cash.

Start with the closets

Instead of picking through piles of unused clothes or old holiday decorations, take everything out of the closet completely. This way, you are basically forcing yourself to go through each item. Pushing things to the side to create room is very tempting. Making separate piles can help you decide what is going to go back into your closet and what will go to charity or what can be sold. Poshmark and Etsy are great websites to sell clothes and other items on. When you start to fill your closet with what you are keeping, it’s nice to see how much space you have created. You will also notice that your “sell” and “charity” piles are starting to grow. Oftentimes, it’s the shoes that take up lots of space and easily get out of order. Look for shoe racks that can be hung on the inside of the closet door to create even more space. Shelf dividers for the top of your closet can help keep things in place too.

Reorganize the rooms

Sometimes reorganizing furniture is a great way to open up a room or to realize that you really don’t need three end tables in one room or three ottomans for the couch. This can be an effective way to organize big rooms. Craigslist or local antique stores could help you make some cash from your now unused furniture. Or, furniture is a great seller at garage sales. Not only will the rooms in your home have a newer feel to them, but you now will have the opportunity to make some money just by opening the rooms up.

Go through each cabinet

Whether its file cabinets, bathroom cabinets or kitchen cabinets, going through each of these will give you some piece of mind. Much like the closets, take everything out and create piles. For file cabinets, consider using folders to organize. Throw away any unused toiletries in bathroom cabinets and consider donating or selling any extra towels that don’t get used. As far as the kitchen cabinets go, they will be trickier. These are often the homes of unused Tupperware, baking utensils, and water bottles. Once you decide what you will keep or discard, organize each category on their own shelf, if possible. If not, stack them the best way possible.

Summer organization isn’t one of the activities that most look forward to every year, but it’s worth it when you have a more spacious home and some extra cash to spend this season.

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