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When To Call For A Specialist


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Home Inspectors are an important part of the home buying process and their importance cannot be overstated. However, they are not all-powerful. They will perform an initial inspection and let you know any concerns they have or red flags they see. Here are four instances when these concerns will warrant calling in a specialist to have another look:


According to, the average cost for a roof replacement in $12,000. With a price tag that high, this isn’t something you want to mess with. Also, it is the roof over your head. A home inspector will look for loose or cracked shingles, off-ridge vents, leaks, and water stains.


If there is damage found on the roof near the chimney, a chimney inspector should be called in. This could save the cost of calling in a roof inspector first when all you really needed to deal with was the chimney. A chimney inspector will use a camera to look at the interior of the chimney. They will pay most attention to the strength of the structure and the condition of the flue.


A geological inspection of a property on a hill or in a flood zone will help catch issues like drainage problems or ground shifts. With this kind of inspection, you can expect two different reports: a geologic environmental site assessment, and a natural hazard disclosure.


A sewer line is crucial to your home. This piece of equipment can go as far down as 16 feet underneath a property to connect to a public sewer system. Like a chimney, a special camera will be used to perform the inspection. Replacing a sewer pipe can run upwards of $20,000, so you don’t want to skip out on this one.


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