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Getting your home ready for Halloween on a budget

The sign of fall has started to slowly creep in. Now that it’s October, this means it’s time to decorate your home for Halloween. Read how you can stay on budget and still have a house that is festive-looking.

Make smart purchases

Start by setting a budget, and then stick to that budget. Invest in one pricey item that can be used for years to come. For example, a witch or zombie will make the perfect eye catcher for your front yard. Also, jack o’ lanterns are key for any Halloween decoration. Go to any craft store and purchase some artificial pumpkins. Use a small knife to cut a small hole in the bottom for a fake candle and to cut out scary faces.

Furthermore, don’t get thrifty when it comes to buying lights. It is always a hassle to have to replace an entire string of lights when only one bulb goes out, so buy enough lights to decorate the outside and/or inside of your house and even a spare box. Lights are the important backdrop for all other decorations. They can be used to line your roof, windows, fences, and pathways.

Do it yourself ideas

The best way to save money, is by doing it yourself. You could go through popular sites like Pintrest to get project ideas, or just search the web. Some Try making giant spiders out of trash bags and tombstones out of shipping boxes and paint. These can easily decorate your front lawn for eager trick o’ treaters to walk by. Empty milk cartons can even be used. First, decorate the empty milk cartons with ghost faces and simply put a fake candle in each of them. These are great to line the pathway to your door or to set on a porch.

Shop on a budget

It’s easy to get carried away while shopping at popular Halloween stores, and since they are usually open only around this time every year, they will cost you a fortune. The best way to shop on a budget while getting your home ready for a holiday is by going to 99 cents stores.  Although each item is 99 cents, a full cart worth of stuff can eventually add up at the register, so be careful to not overspend. The same goodies can be found at these store, but only cheaper. Start by getting the essentials; webs, spiders, and bats. These items will easily decorate the inside of your home for any Halloween party, and since they are so innexpensive, you can put them outside and buy new ones next year if they get weathered.

Once Halloween passes, be sure to hit up the stores for sales. After holidays pass, decorations that are usually expensive can be found for half the price or even 75% off.

The next time you see a house in your neighborhood that is all decorated, just remember that yours can look the same too for a small price.

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