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Cost-effective travel tips

There are many ways to save money on your next vacation. Whether it’s a family vacation, birthday celebration, or just a weekend getaway, there’s no need to dip into a savings account if you have the urge to travel. With some added effort, your next adventure is more achievable than you think.


Finding the right time to travel is important when looking to save some money on your trip. If you already have a destination in mind, research the best time to visit that place. Typically, summer vacation is the prime time to travel which causes prices to increase. Traveling on the cusps of the seasons, like May and October will allow you to visit without the large crowds and price tags. Flights and hotels will be cheaper during the “off” months.


The most expensive part of trip is usually the flight. Thankfully, there are plenty of websites that allow you to compare flights from all airlines, making it inexpensive to travel. If you are unsure about where you want to go, check out It allows you to find the cheapest destination for the dates you’re looking to leave. The email service, Scott’s Cheap Flights, alerts subscribers to extremely low fares. However, they only last for about a day, so you must act fast. If traveling is something you want to do more frequently, consider switching to a credit card company that allows you to get points for travel. The items you buy on a day to day basis can earn you points towards your next vacation.


Once you’ve found the flight that fits your budget and schedule, start looking for places to stay. Unlike airplanes, hotels are all different and typically the higher the price, the nicer the hotel. If you can’t stand the thought of a hostel, the key is to find a good hotel at a reasonable price. Have you ever had to cancel a hotel reservation on a short notice but could not get refunded for it? This can be frustrating. There is now an option to buy someone else’s nonrefundable reservation on This website allows people who can’t cancel their reservation to sell it to people at a large discount. If you’re traveling in a group, consider booking with Airbnb. It allows you to set your budget and location in a filter to find the perfect spot. Depending on which getaway you chose, you can have up to 16 visitors stay under one roof. A great option for budget-traveling is to volunteer in exchange for cheaper accommodation. pairs travelers and local tour groups promoting social impact travel experiences. From day trips to week stays, you can give back to the community while traveling to a new location.


Before you arrive in your destination, research the excursions that are most important to you. Save money and time by booking well in advance. Depending on the city attraction that you chose to visit, you may have to buy entrance tickets weeks before you arrive. Failure to do so may cause you to pay more money for the same ticket. Download the Groupon app to see what activities you can get deals on. This app is constantly updating. Be sure not to skimp too much on what you choose to do on vacation. Remember how much money you saved by putting in the extra effort to book cheap hotels and flights to let you splurge on the experience.


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