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Puppy proofing your home

Welcome your new puppy into your home by providing them a loving and safe environment. Puppies are curious, quick, and ready to explore. While this is what makes them so fun, this can also get them into some unnecessary trouble. Prevent chaos by puppy proofing your home as soon as possible. The best way to do this is to view your home through the eyes of your new pet. Create an environment where your puppy can safely explore. This will also ensure you that your home will stay undisturbed, and it will end up saving you large amounts of money.

Living room

It’s fun to let your puppy roam, especially in the room you’ll be spending the most time in together.  However, it’s also important to set up boundaries. If there are certain areas of your home you’d like to safeguard, set up gates or pens to keep your puppy in secured areas. These “secured” areas need to follow certain guidelines. Plants may seem harmless, but certain houseplants can actually be deadly if consumed. Be sure to cover electrical outlets. Hide wires and power cords that might look enticing for a teething puppy to start chewing on.


You might associate your bedroom with comfort and relaxation, but don’t underestimate a puppy’s ability to turn even the most mundane items into chew-toys. Put away all clutter to avoid any potential destruction to your valuables. This includes shoes, slippers, magazines, pillows, jewelry, hair ties, coins, etc. Anything you don’t want torn apart should be out of reach. Secure lamps, bookshelves, and decorations that can potentially be knocked over. In addition, you may need blockades to dissuade your puppy from hiding under the bed.


By far, your kitchen can be the most hazardous room for puppies. Kitchens are full of chemicals, food, and other items that can be harmful.  Make it a point to stow away cleaners, chemicals, and utensils up high or in cabinets and drawers that have childproof latches installed.


The same rules for your kitchen apply to your bathroom. Go through your bathroom and take note of any potential dangers you see. Keep medications, soaps, shampoos, and tissues out of reach or behind locked cabinets. Make sure your trash can has a locking lid, or is at least under the sink.

Garage and backyard

Puppies have a bad habit of hiding under cars or inside appliances like washer and dryers. It may sound silly, but always double check to make sure your puppy isn’t where you’d least expect it before turning your car or appliances on. If possible, keep most of the items stored in your garage out of your puppy’s reach. This includes tools, nails, screws, and chemicals.  Last but not least, double check for weak spots in your fences.

Take these precautions and tailor them to your own needs to help keep your puppy save while protecting your home. While these tips may seem like a lot of work, doing all this beforehand will prevent much more in the future.


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