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Save big in 2018 with these home maintenance tips

If you are looking to save some extra cash in the new year as well as maintain your home, some simple tips can be followed. Start the new year off right by saving on costly repairs down the road.

Renting tools

One big money saving tip that can be used when home renovation is in progress is renting or buying second hand tools. This is especially helpful if you plan on only using these tools once for certain projects. You can rent professional grade tools for way less than even buying the simplest version of it.

Clear your gutters

Cleaning out your gutters can seem like a daunting task by getting out the ladder and climbing to the roof. But when gutters get clogged this can cause leakage, cracked foundations and even pest problems. By cleaning them out every other month, you can prevent these types of situations from happening and save money down the line.

Drain the water heater

Draining your water heater at least once a year can help let out any sediment that could have been building up. It will help your heater work more efficiently and even lengthen the life of it.

Check for leaky faucets and pipes

A leaky pipe or faucet can cost more and more over time. This is something can can go unnoticed, so make it a habit to check on these every once in a while. Not only is it wasting water and increasing your water bill, but it can also be causing damage to objects surrounding the leak. By fixing leaks you can prevent mold, stains and other water damage issues.

Install LED light bulbs

Installing LED light bulbs can save you a lot of money on your electricity bill over time. These bulbs also have a longer life than normal incandescent light bulbs, therefore saving you even more money.

Completing these simple maintenance steps will help homeowners save money in the long and short term spectrum. To read more on money saving tips, read our previous blog.

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