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Save right away as a new homeowner

Becoming a new homeowner is exciting, time-consuming, and sometimes overwhelming. Once you have successfully closed on your dream home, it’s time to start saving some money.

Install ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are not only a great way to move air throughout your home, but they also use little energy. With a ceiling fan, you can set your thermostat a degree or two lower in the winter and a degree or two higher in the summer.

Check the plumbing

This might seem obvious, but make sure to go around and check all toilets and sinks for leaks or constant running. Not only will you save on water, but you will prevent mold which could be costly in the future.

Change to LED light bulbs

Using LED light bulbs instead of incandescent bulbs can save you big down the road just because they use less energy.

Switch to using power strips for appliances

Appliances that get used a lot and require lots of power should be on power strips instead of being individually plugged in. Even when they are not in use, they still use up electricity when not unplugged. With a power strip, it is easy to turn all appliances off at once when you leave the house.

Shop around to find the best homeowner’s insurance

Make sure to get more than a couple different quotes when it comes to homeowner’s insurance. It is possible to save big on this with just a little research. What some companies might charge as an expense, other companies might not.

Create a homeowner’s journal

Keep track of every repair you make and be sure to save your insurance papers. Not only will this keep you organized, but if you ever plan to sell your home, the repair receipts can keep your appraisal fair.

Converse with your neighbors

Not sure who to hire for plumbing, landscaping, or electricians? By asking the ones who live near you, you will be able to trust that the work you are getting done to your new home will be quality. You might even get a better deal just by being a referral from your neighbor!

Clean up your new home’s exterior

Instead of completing any major landscaping projects right away, get rid of any dead branches and overgrown bushes first. These can be harmful during strong winds and storms. Hire a professional to get rid of large branches hanging over your home and utility lines.

While moving into a new home is a busy time, instead of putting off some simple tasks, the first month you move in is the best time to start saving some extra cash. By putting in the hard work right away, you will also feel more settled in!


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