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Five simple ways to save on home energy

With the hot summer months quickly approaching, it’s too easy to rely on the cool comforting air coming from your air conditioner. However, don’t be surprised when you see the numbers start to climb on your utility bill as the heat intensifies. By applying these 5 simple energy-saving tips, you’ll start to notice a pleasant difference in your bills this summer.

Beat the heat and start saving

-Be in complete control of your thermostat. Try switching to a programmable thermostat this summer and watch your utility bill drop. By utilizing a programmable thermostat, the temperature in your home will be customized to your lifestyle. While you are away, your home will not need to cool the house down. When you get home, your programmed thermostat will adjust to your liking.

-Open your windows and close the blinds. By having a couple windows open on opposite sides of your home, the air circulation will help cool your home down. This could potentially eliminate the use of your air conditioner throughout the day. During the heat of the day, try to close the blinds of the windows that are not open, so the sun does not warm your home naturally.

-To reduce your water bill, run your dishwasher and washing machine either early in the morning or late at night. Also, instead of using the dryer, try to air-dry your clothes. Not only is this energy-efficient, but you won’t get any excess heat coming from your dryer. Don’t forget to turn down the hot water every so often. While a warm shower sounds nice in the winter, this money-saving adjustment might be a great idea in the hot summer months.

-Conduct a home energy audit this summer. Many power companies will inspect your home for free. Or, simply do it yourself by visiting the US Department of Energy (USDE) website where they provide lots of tips on how to conduct your own energy audit.

-If your home has a pool, consider slowly reducing your pool’s filtration cycle. Start in 30 minute increments then gradually continue to reduce it as long as the water appears clean. As small as this sounds, the savings really do add up.

Summer is a great time to start saving big on home energy bills, and these 5 tips are simple enough to start today.

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