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Spice up your kitchen on a budget

Kitchen remodels can cost upwards of $50,000 and take months to complete. Before jumping into that headache, try these small updates that can have a big impact without getting your hands too dirty. Your wallet will likely thank you too. With some motivation and time, you’ll have a kitchen that you can’t wait to cook and socialize in.

Add some new color

Painting the walls is a low-cost project that can turn your kitchen into a new and inviting room. Depending on the size of space, a gallon of paint will surely be enough and cost you around $20. Be sure to add in about $15 worth of supplies to your budget. Charles W. Bryant from How Stuff Works, suggests that colors should be in the ration of 60-30-10. This means 60% of the space is only one color and your main color. The cabinets usually take up most of that percent. The 30% is another pop of color that you could use on chairs or your table. The remaining 10% is your accent color. Don’t be afraid to make your accent color really stick out. This design rule will make your kitchen look more spacious and welcoming.

Shed some new light in your kitchen

Adding some pendent lighting in the middle of the kitchen over an island will add a focal point and change the feel of the space. Check out discount websites, such as Overstock and Wayfair, for deals on lighting fixtures. They carry a variety of styles that fit into big or small budgets. If you have a small corner table or a big kitchen table, try adding a small lamp. Good lighting will bring out the best of your newly painted walls.

It’s all about the cabinets

Especially in older homes, kitchen cabinets are stuck in the century they were made in. To bring them to life, simply replace (or add) new knobs on the cabinets. Cabinet knobs can also be crafted yourself, to really save money. This quick fix will change the look immediately instead of jumping into a costly replacement of cabinets. If your cabinets still need more help, consider refinishing them. This process costs less than half of the cost of new cabinets but has the same impact.

Decoration done right and inexpensively

Just like in any other room, accessories can go a long way. Decoration can also add a touch of personal style. As an easy decoration, put your flour, sugar, and other spices in cute jars on your counter-top. These can be bought for cheap or often found at yard sales or flea markets. When it comes to artwork, less is more. Find one piece that really suits your style to hang up in your kitchen. Invest in one nice dining set to leave on the kitchen table to make your kitchen always look photo-ready.

Keep in mind, most time is spent in the kitchen. It’s the place to gather, cook, and eat. With these simple yet effective renovations, you won’t mind switching things up in your kitchen every once in a while.

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