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Storm-proofing your home and why it is necessary

In the wake of such storms as Hurricanes Irma and Harvey, it is important to think about your home’s exterior. It’s possible to better prepare your home for when potential weather disasters strike. Having insurance and an evacuation plan might seem like enough, but being prepared is essential.  Storm-proofing your home in advance provides much more peace of mind, and can save you money down the line.


First, consider the entrances to your home. If feasible, replace all doors with the storm resistant counterparts. Do this for front doors, sliding glass doors, and garage doors. The heavier the door frames, the better. For sliding glass doors, storm resistant glass is available.  You can also install horizontal bracing panels. These are especially important for garage doors. Luckily, you can find bracing kits available at most garage door manufacturing companies. While paying attention to details, make sure to replace any weak points in your doors. These can be screws, bolts, or hinges. Aside from protecting your doors, consider flooding. If you know a storm is coming with lots of rain, lay sandbags down in front of your garage door. This will prevent the rain from seeping through the small cracks under the garage door.


Windows allow for many potential vulnerabilities during a storm. If a storm is right around the corner, take a walk around your house and scope out any leaning trees, dead branches, and overgrown branches that are near windows. If you do not have the time or money to remove such trees and branches in time, make sure those specific windows are extra protected. Not only can strong winds shatter glass, but they can also toss unwanted debris right through them. The glass on windows should be double-pane to effectively withstand storm winds and flying debris. In addition, storm shutters can be installed on every window. While decorative shutters are great, it is important to make sure they are also functional. You can install permanent shutters, which will be decorative and effective.


If a hurricane is approaching, the roof is the most important thing to protect. If you have not gotten a new roof installed recently, consider looking into options on how to protect it the best. To prevent your home’s roof from being damaged, glue down your support beams with heavy duty construction adhesive. You can also install additional braces for more support. Have a roof repair company come out to inspect it for missing shingles or missing nail heads, and fix them as soon as possible.

In the long run, storm-proofing your home could save you money, because repairs done to windows, doors, and roofs can cost a pretty penny.


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