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Summer BBQ on a budget

Summer is just around the corner and weekend BBQs are about to become very popular. Throwing a BBQ can cost a pretty penny, but it certainly does not have to. Follow these few tips to help you have a memorable BBQ while still having enough money left over to throw more this summer.

Decorate to impress

Decorations are a must when it comes to throwing BBQs. To start your budget-friendly decoration hunt, invest in colorful candles to put throughout your house and backyard. Candles placed outside will also help keep bugs away. These can be used even after the BBQ by putting them in bedrooms and bathrooms to add fresh scents and colors. Incorporate pops of color by collecting old jars and painting them to set around the table. The jars can hold utensils, napkins, and flowers, and this can be a fun activity to do with children, and

Add tasty treats

Besides having a decorated home and backyard, impress your guests’ eyes and stomachs with some inexpensive platters. These budget-friendly recipes will spice up your BBQ. See below for Memorial Day and Fourth of July low-cost recipes:

Festive fruit tray

Need: Fresh strawberries, blue-berries, bananas, and a rectangular tray.

Step 1: Put blueberries in the top, right corner of the tray to represent the blue in the flag.

Step 2: Cut the strawberries and bananas in bite size pieces.

Step 3: Arrange those in red and white stripes.

Watermelon Stars 

Need: A star-shaped cookie cutter, and a large watermelon

Step 1: Cut the watermelon into 1 inch slices.

Step 2: Use the cookie cutter to cut stars and serve on a platter.

Rice Krispy Treats

Need: Rice Krispy cereal, marshmallows, vanilla frosting, red, white, and blue sprinkles.

Step 1: Melt the marshmallows in a large pot and add the Rice Krispy Cereal.

Step 2: Form the treats into rectangles and let them harden.

Step 3: Dip the treats into the frosting and dust with sprinkles.

Save by buying in bulk

Oftentimes, hamburgers and hot dogs are cheaper when bought in bulk and are a staple to every BBQ. If you’re planning on hosting a large group, skip the local grocery store and head to a wholesale store. If you stock up, you can always freeze the leftover meats to have meals planned for the next couple of days.

Prepare games

Furthermore, if you’re lucky enough to have a pool in your backyard, make sure it’s ready for the gathering. Swimming is great and a low-cost way for everyone to have fun and cool off.  Additionally, as the day turns into night, have the fit pit ready to roast some marshmallows. The end of the night can be relaxing by roasting s’mores by the fire.

Utilize some of these tips and see how you end up saving some extra cash for the holidays and summer parties to come.



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