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Summer home decor ideas

Not enough time or money for a home remodel but looking to change things up this summer? This season is a fun time to give the interior of your home a fresh and cheery start. What once looked comfortable and festive in the winter and cooler months, might not fit your home currently. The days are sunnier and the windows are open, so it’s time to add some light colors and new decor to brighten your home up. Check out some home decor ideas to try this season.

Utilize the bright sun

Brighten the walls and don’t be afraid to keep the drapes and blinds open. By applying fresh paint to suit your home this season, you will notice revitalized rooms that seem much more open. If you really want to add a pop of color, get creative and bold with an accent wall. Colors like sky blue or coral look nice against neutral colors. To lighten up the living room or any room with pillows, consider changing the upholstery. Bright colors like yellow and peach will add an animated shade of summer to the area and will look nice with the sun on them. Adding or changing up some throw blankets to lighter colors will also give the room a summery feeling.

Natural elements go a long way

With beautiful plants flourishing right outside the window, why not incorporate some of the greenery inside, as well? Faux or real plants always do the trick. Air plants, peace lilies, and jade plants are great to have indoors and bring that extra boost of freshness to enhance a room. See more indoor plants here. Succulents can be found at plant nurseries or even hardware stores, and they make beautiful fixtures that require very little care. They also come in many different colors. The benefits of faux plants are that they require no upkeep. You can also pick and choose exactly how you want them to look by bunching different ones together. A simple green or flower wreath on the front door also helps to add the feel of summer to any home. If you are looking to add a hint of summer colors to your kitchen, add a glass bowl filled with faux or fresh lemons, limes, and oranges. These fruits also make nice center pieces for dining room tables.

The more bright colors and organic fixtures you add around your home, the more it can be turned into your personal summer inspiration.


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