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Thank you Coby!

We received the refund of the house payment!! Thank you all for all you have done for us! You were all so wonderful, this has changed our lives and were are grateful for everything!!”

Thanks to Prospect Financial Group for ALL THE HELP THEY PROVIDED

I have been looking for a Financial Mortgage Company  for several years to refinance my home.  FOLAMI FITZGERALD contacted me and from the beginning our relationship was awesome.  Her professionalism and  the process of working with me in gathering paperwork that was needed to complete my application was unbelievable, more than any other financial company that I had dealt with. The service from your employee from beginning to the end made me not only comfortable, she made me feel that she cared about my needs and made all the efforts in giving me the service and welcome as a client.

I greatly recommend Prospect Financial Group to anyone who is looking to refinance their home.

THANK YOU FOLAMI FITZGERALD for not only helping me and being with me through this process, but caring and becoming a GOOD FRIEND FOREVER.

4 stars for Dustin!

Dustin was more than willing to “go a second round” with us when we did not qualify for the first loan. I really appreciated his fast response to any questions we had, even on the weekends. Thanks, Dustin!


Easy to work with and responsive customer service

This is my first time refinancing and I found Prospect Financial through Lending Tree. I worked with Coby Camerer and he was great. He responded promptly and answered my questions well. Overall, the refinance process took a bit longer than I would have expected. I think my situation with owning a low income condo, dealing with the HOAs, the city, insurance issues, etc. things took longer than they should have. I got the loan officer the needed documents quickly but there were other factors out of our control. For how long it took to close the loan, it would have been nice if I were able to have dropped to a lower rate since rates were dropping the whole time from when I initially got locked in. Now that I have gone through the process I have a better idea of what is needed but I would use Prospect Financial again as they were easy to work with.

Matt Chappell – My first choice.

“Working with Matt Chapell was fantastic. He was responsive, knowledgeable and patient. He was willing to work with me through a completely unfamiliar process and able to provide me with answers I was able to understand. His rates were competitive and even though I didn’t go through my refi (with anyone), I wanted to work with Matt on another type of loan. Matt himself is personable, approachable, and willing to take his time and not pressure you. I hate high pressure sales and he made me feel comfortable.”

Very pleased with the experience

“I would highly recommend Prospect Financial because they were extremely easy to work with and had the best rates. I started the refinance when I was 9 months pregnant and was able to finish shortly after the baby was born. PF staff were honest, straightforward and helped to keep things on track and make it simple. Most communication was done via email, which meant I had flexibility to respond and deal with the refinance when my newborn let me. I had previously looked into refinancing with 2 other big banks and they just seemed so impersonal and disinterested in my business. It’s really nice to have gotten this done and be saving some money, so big thanks to Prospect Financial.”

Great Service and a fast close

“Prospect Financial Group has been great. Always available when a question came up, even on a Saturday. And we closed very fast and with no problems. Early on in the process, they also kept an eye on rates and always kept me informed, even as rates were rapidly changing, and I got the rate I wanted.”

Great experience!

“I was dubious of getting a loan on the internet but thought I would see what a refi payment would be, and after some trepidation I decided to give it a try. It was just like the commercial, easy and all done from the comfort of my home. Prospect was great to work with and the whole experience was fantastic. No more bank loans for me, I am sold!!”

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