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Turning your home into a smart home: It actually saves money

Whether you have lived in your home for over 20 years or if you are just now making it your own, it’s never too late or too early to start saving money on household expenses. Home automation is becoming more and more popular within homeowners. The reason being is that most smart home technologies are actually simple to use. Not to mention, the technologies do not take much time to set up. The amount of money saved per month on energy, water, and electricity can add up, and homeowners are starting to realize it quickly.

Occupancy and vacancy sensors

A busy lifestyle often leaves lights left on while rushing out the door. Instead of going around and checking every room before you leave the house, let smart home technology do the work. Occupancy and vacancy sensors are motion detectors that allow you to save energy. These home automation devices can be used without interfering with your daily routine. They detect a person’s presence to automatically control lights. When one simply walks out of a room, the lights will turn off after a specific period of time. With that being said, the lights turn on when the sensor detects that someone is present.

Smart irrigation system

When you see a hefty water bill, you might instantly vow to start taking shorter showers and to not leave the water on while brushing your teeth. While these steps will indeed help with the water usage, think bigger. Water is most wasted when inefficiencies in irrigation systems occur, causing homeowners to spend more than they should. Smart irrigation systems greatly reduce water consumption. This advanced technology uses sensors to determine how much water your landscape needs and when it needs it.

Climate control

As you have likely heard, programmable thermostats are the way to go when it comes to saving extra money. Heating and cooling take up a good portion of every house’s energy costs. When you are away from home, without a programmable thermostat, money is being wasted on cool or warm air.

Aside from saving money by automating your home, you will reap the benefits of handiness, luxury, and time savings.

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