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The most walkable cities in the US

It’s important to know which cities are best for walking, because people are often looking to live and vacation in areas where a car is not always necessary. Being within walking distance of work, schools, and shopping areas are all important factors. In fact, most homeowners look to settle in a city that offers all of these perks! Not only is walking instead of driving a great exercise, but you can also save big on gas and car payments.

Walk Score

If you have not yet heard of the website Walk Score, it’s an interesting way to find out which city is the best to live in without a car. So what exactly earns a city “the most walk-able” ranking. An index called the Walk Score measures the walk-ability of cities throughout the United States, Canada and Australia. The rankings are scored out of 100 and take into consideration access to public transit to ensure better commutes. The highest is titled “Walker’s paradise” and the lowest is known as “Car-dependent”. Visit their website to see what walk score your city has.

Top Cities for Walkability

  • New York, New York with a walk score of 89. New York City prides itself on being the most pedestrian friendly city. With every major tourist destination within walking or transit distance. Take a walk around Times Square, where you will find delicious pizza spots and tons of places to shop!
  • Jersey City, New Jersey with a walk score of 87. Popular neighborhoods can be reached by foot; Historical Downtown and Journal Square to name a few.
  •  San Francisco, California with a walk score of 86. Take a stroll down the streets of Chinatown and feel like you are on the other side of the globe! Downtown-Union Square has great shopping and beautiful artwork.

Cities on the rise

  • Boston, Massachusetts comes in high with a walk score of 81. Boston is a very historical city with many sites to visit including Fenway Park, home of the Red Sox and the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library.
  • Seattle , Washington with a walk score of 73 is home to the famous Pike Place Market and the ever so sticky, Gum Wall.
  • Long Beach, California with a walk-score of 70, and home to The Queen Mary Ocean Liner. This port town has tons of different places to visit, including hopping on a boat and taking a relaxing ride to Catalina Island.

Before choosing a new place to live or deciding on your next vacation destination, consider looking at the walk score and see how it steps up!

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